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Presentation Made Easy

RecoMedia is a wireless presentation device which enables presenter to break free from any cable. It transforms display devices, such as projector and LCD TV into a collaborative display for efficient meeting setup. It enables anyone to present content from a laptop, smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the display.

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Break Free from Cable

Are you still passing the cable while switching presenters? Is yours meeting being delayed due to time needed to configure connection of a laptop to the projector?

RecoMedia solves all these problems, allowing you to make presentations in style.


Make Presentation from Mobile


Secure and Easy Content Sharing

Do you feel uneasy when uploading confidential data to 3rd party online storage in order to share with others? Are you suffering from slow network speed while sharing contents through Internet?

RecoMedia allows data being shared in a secure local area network with high speed dual band WiFi. Data can be directly downloaded to mobile phone, tablet and laptop.


What is RecoMedia ?

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How To Set Up ?



Connect RecoMedia to any display device



Connect devices to RecoMedia WiFi Access Point



Open in browser, download and install software

Features of RecoMedia

Our users find the key features provided by RecoMedia improve effeciency in conducting meeting


Simplify Equipment Setup

Meeting is no longer delayed by time needed to configure and troubleshoot in connecting projector and video system. Presenters are connected to video system wirelessly.



Switching Presenters Easily

Multi-party meeting is no longer involved passing cable from presenter to presenter. RecoMedia allows the next presenter to go live with a click of button.



Make Presentation With Phone

RecoMedia allows presenters to make presentation directly from smart devices such as tablet and mobile phone.

Learning is a two way conversation

An effective classroom environment involves not only providing a conducive teaching platform, but also creating opportunities for students to express themselves freely. This is an important part of the learning experience as various studies/surveys indicate that teacher-student interaction is a crucial ingredient for academic success. 

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Good business decisions are crucial to your organisation’s wellbeing

That is why it is essential that you get the most out of every boardroom meeting because this is the platform where such important outcomes are determined. RecoMedia serves as a useful tool by helping you focus on the agenda at hand by making it a much smoother process to set up and to run corporate presentations.

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Good ideas are meant to be shared, but it isn’t easy communicating them effectively to the masses

During a conference or seminar, the situation is especially challenging. There are multiple speakers to manage, each with their own unique needs for presenting their information to the crowd. Meanwhile, time is of the essence and any unforeseen delays could end up upsetting an entire day’s program. 

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