Features, Specifications and Configuration
Features, Specifications and Configuration

Wireless connectivity

A dedicated WiFi network enables quick and easy connectivity between multiple devices. Options for customising the WiFi name and adding a password for extra security (if desired) are available via a user friendly administration interface.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Minimal cabling

The only cables you will need to get RecoMedia connected is a HDMI or VGA cable (for the projector) and an audio cable. Other than that, presenters can have freedom to position themselves anywhere in the room as the WiFi connectivity takes care of the rest.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Dual band 

RecoMedia allows you to set up a WiFi network at either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Visual appeal

RecoMedia aligns your PC’s screen resolution to provide the optimal visual experience for your presentation, with room for you to make further adjustments via Settings.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Document sharing

You can upload files of any format onto RecoMedia’s file server for greater ease of distribution of information during a presentation. This enables your audience to download these files through their own Web browser even as they are listening to you speak.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Live view

RecoMedia captures your presentation content live as you project it. Through the use of its Web Viewer function, members of the audience can access your presentation slides on their personal devices as they listen to you. They are also able to revisit pages or slides that you have already presented and save copies to their local devices in photo format if desired.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Collaboration centric

Up to 30 devices can be registered onto RecoMedia at any one time, giving you the ability to foster a more collaborative approach to your meetings and discussions. Switching between presenters and their corresponding content is fast and effortless too.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Moderator mode

In situations where there are multiple presenters, RecoMedia makes the job of a chairperson much easier by allowing an authorised user to take charge and coordinate which presenter’s content is to be projected onto the screen at any given time.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Mobile app

If a mobile phone or tablet is your gadget of choice for a presentation, you can project your content through the aid of the RecoMedia app.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Extended screen

If you have more than one display on hand, you can utilise this function on RecoMedia. It gives you the flexibility of extending your virtual workspace across more multiple screens, be it a projector, TV or even a PC monitor. This allows you to keep other important programs such as your email within view without interrupting the flow of your ongoing presentation.

Features, Specifications and Configuration


2.16 GHz Quad Core CPU




IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi; IEEE 802.3 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet


Web-based configuration


DC 12V 3A


Dimension: 133 (W) x 125 (D) x 40(H) mm

How It Works

RecoMedia is a plug-and-play device which is easy to set up

Features, Specifications and Configuration


The only wired connections needed to get it running are to a power source and to a projector (either via a HDMI or VGA cable). Other available connectivity options on the device include an Audio In/Out and LAN port.

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Starting Up

Once you press the power button, RecoMedia will come to life in no time. Its WiFi network will then be visible to any mobile devices within the vicinity.

Features, Specifications and Configuration


Anyone who connects to RecoMedia’s WiFi network will be able to access live presentation content as well as download any documents made available on its file server. All that is needed is for them to open the Web browser on their respective devices and to go to a designated IP address. 

Features, Specifications and Configuration

Software Installation

If you are a presenter or chairperson, you will first need to install either the RecoMedia software on your PC or the RecoMedia app for your mobile phone or tablet to gain access to the relevant features.  

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