RecoMedia for Boardroom Meetings

Good business decisions are crucial to your organisation’s wellbeing. That is why it is essential that you get the most out of every boardroom meeting because this is the platform where such important outcomes are determined. RecoMedia serves as a useful tool by helping you focus on the agenda at hand by making it a much smoother process to set up and to run corporate presentations.


Here are some of the advantages that you and your management team will gain:


Better coordination

If you’re taking on the role of the chairperson for a meeting, you’ll be glad to learn of RecoMedia’s Moderator Mode. It arms you with the ability to coordinate multiple presenters’ content from your personal device, ensuring you have complete control over what goes up on the screen at every juncture of the meeting. With everybody’s information being presented in a more organised manner, it will be a whole lot faster getting everyone to come to a consensus at the end of the day. 


Time efficient

Setting the stage for a presentation is usually very time consuming due to the complex hardware connectivity that needs to be put into place. In the process, you often end up wasting precious time that could be better used for discussing your meeting agenda. RecoMedia helps you save on setup time as it is very easily assembled and requires minimal cabling.


Increased mobility

As a presenter, you are normally confined to a certain corner in the meeting room due to the limitations from the wired connections required for projecting your content onto the screen. RecoMedia frees you from such constraints through its WiFi connection which allows you to place the device containing your presentation content anywhere you desire in the meeting venue. You can now move about the boardroom as you please to deliver your presentation in the most impactful way possible.


Smoother discussion

Most meetings involve more than one person presenting valuable information to the rest of the group. Discussions are often hindered by the need for each and every presenter to take turns configuring their devices to the projector at the meeting location. RecoMedia eliminates such unnecessary time wasters by enabling any device running its software to immediately project content to the big screen, thus allowing a seamless switch between presenters and a better flow in your ongoing discussion.


Cost savings

Previously, you would have had to install cables at each seat in the boardroom so that everyone is able to connect to the projector. However, with RecoMedia, this is no longer necessary as anyone can immediately project content from their device once they are connected to its WiFi network. This saves cost and is also a more environment friendly option. 


Secure access

You can limit access to RecoMedia’s WiFi network through password protection. This is useful for ensuring the confidentiality of your discussions and the safekeeping of sensitive data in your presentation slides or any other documents that are shared during the meeting. For example, unreleased financial figures or information on an upcoming product.


Higher engagement

Get better participation from those at the meeting by making the relevant data readily accessible to them. Documents can be uploaded to RecoMedia beforehand so that all who are present at the meeting can promptly download these files to their personal devices for consumption once they are connected on WiFi.


Minimal resources

With RecoMedia, there is no need to call in your tech staff when you need to set up for a presentation. No special expertise is required and practically anyone attending the meeting can do it within minutes. This helps to ensure efficient use of your human resources, thus increasing overall company productivity.


Compelling communication

Express yourself better at a meeting through the use of multimedia content. Board members will see your point of view more clearly when your facts and figures are backed up by memorable videos or images. RecoMedia makes it possible to share such content effortlessly through any digital device of your choice.


Improved productivity

RecoMedia’s Extended Screen function allows you to keep tabs on other outstanding tasks while you participate in a meeting. With your workspace spread across more than one screen, you can access your email and review other urgent work without having to disrupt an ongoing presentation or leave the room.

Here is some examples of RecoMedia for boardroom meetings


“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

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