RecoMedia for Conferences and Seminars

Good ideas are meant to be shared, but it isn’t easy communicating them effectively to the masses. During a conference or seminar, the situation is especially challenging. There are multiple speakers to manage, each with their own unique needs for presenting their information to the crowd. Meanwhile, time is of the essence and any unforeseen delays could end up upsetting an entire day’s program. 


RecoMedia simplifies things by enabling you to set up and manage a series of presentations in a more orderly and time efficient manner. Here’s what you and other participants at the conference/seminar can gain from using RecoMedia:


Time saver

Make the most out of the time you’ve allocated for speeches, debates, forums and the like by taking less time to set up your equipment. RecoMedia requires very minimal wired connections, and once it is up and running, its WiFi network take care of the rest.


Organised approach

Under the Moderator Mode, you can have full control over the order of presentations as well as the corresponding content which is to be displayed on the big screen. This eliminates the potential complications that might arise each time a different presenter takes the stage.


Stay secure

Administrator features on RecoMedia allow you to implement additional security features for its WiFi network such as password protection. This ensures that only authorised participants at the conference/seminar can download or view the documents and presentation slides that are meant for a particular session.


Flexible delivery

RecoMedia’s range of software options include a downloadable program for PC usage as well as a mobile app for devices such as phones and tablets. This empowers presenters by giving them the freedom to project content from any of their personal devices. Media content such as videos or photos can also be shared seamlessly with the audience whenever desired.


Multi-tasking friendly

Other responsibilities may still require your attention while you oversee the conference/seminar. With RecoMedia’s Extended Screen feature, you can still keep other applications running on your device yet hidden from public view through use of a secondary screen. Meanwhile, on the big screen, the show goes on and you can continue to fulfill your role as a moderator or presenter.


Accessible resources

Members of the audience may sometimes have trouble following a presenter’s explanations. RecoMedia helps improve their understanding by providing them with immediate access to the presentation slides through its Web Viewer function. A copy of the slides can even be saved onto their personal devices, making it possible for late comers to play catch up too. Additional files which may be relevant to a particular presentation can also be uploaded to RecoMedia’s internal storage so it is available for the audience to download even while the session carries on.

Here is some examples of RecoMedia for conferences and seminars


“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”

Margaret Heffernan

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