A presentation is a powerful tool for communicating your message to others. The possibilities are limitless in terms of how you can inform and inspire your audience. But how effective your presentation is lies in its delivery.


Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems that could possibly arise during a presentation:


Content projection issues

You’ve done your research. Put together relevant facts and figures. Prepared beautiful slides. But now your audience can’t benefit from any of that because you can’t get the files in your computer to project onto the big screen in the same way that it appears on your device.


Limitations for movement

Due to the need for a wired connection, you may often face constraints in terms of where you are able to place the device you are using for your presentation. Consequently, this also limits how much you are able to move about the room and reduces the potential impact your presentation could have on your listeners.


Trouble viewing content

In a larger group setting, participants in a discussion or meeting sometimes cannot follow what is going on during a presentation due to trouble seeing content that is projected on the screen.


Challenges for collaboration

Often, there will be several presenters seeking to deliver their messages at the same event or venue. A lot of precious time is often wasted configuring each and every one of the presenters’ devices to the projector. This ends up with them having a significantly shorter delivery time and reduces the impact of their message. Besides that, it is also usually hard for a chairperson to moderate the content of presenters while they take turns going center stage.


Document sharing problems

Common methods used by presenters to share documents with their audience include providing printouts or offering to send the audience a digital copy of the documents at a later time. But there is sometimes an insufficient amount of printouts to cover the entire audience. Pages may even be missing from available copies. As for sending digital copies, it means that the audience will have to wait until much later to view the information you promised them. By then, they may have already forgotten the points you had made during your presentation.


Lack of control

Presenters sometimes need to rely on third parties to help them manage the audio-visual output that is required while they deliver their presentation. This results in, for example, an inability to control how loud or how soft the volume is when a video is being played, or how fast or slow the transition should be between slides.

What is RecoMedia and how it can help you?

RecoMedia aims to simplify the process of delivering a presentation by solving the issues mentioned above. This wireless device provides you with a seamless way of projecting and sharing content from any of your favourite gadgets during a presentation. Hence, it gives you the freedom to concentrate on more important things like the quality of your speech and creating lively engagement with your audience.


Take control

RecoMedia makes it virtually effortless for you to manage your slide navigation as well as stream media files such as videos, photos and much more. It puts control back in your hands as a presenter, right where it belongs.


Comprehensive support

RecoMedia supports Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems, allowing you to easily project/stream content from any one of your favourite gadgets, be it a mobile phone, tablet or PC.


Minimise complications

Once you’ve started up RecoMedia, you’re just several clicks/taps away from projecting your presentation content from your device onto the big screen. With the WiFi connectivity it provides, there’s no longer a need to fiddle with multiple wires just to get connected.


Coordinate better

RecoMedia also enables fuss-free screen sharing between various presenters at the same event. A moderator or chairperson can quickly take charge, ensuring an absence of chaos and a better use of time for all.


Share seamlessly

Access to additional content that’s relevant to the presentation need no longer be a challenge either. Through the WiFi network connectivity that RecoMedia provides, any member of the audience can get their hands on the documents you are referring to instantly and download a copy for themselves.


Secure connection

RecoMedia provides you with the option of setting up a password protected WiFi network for added security. You and your audience can enjoy the convenience of readily available files and presentation content without having to worry about any unauthorised access.

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