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Learning is a two way conversation. An effective classroom environment involves not only providing a conducive teaching platform, but also creating opportunities for students to express themselves freely. This is an important part of the learning experience as various studies/surveys indicate that teacher-student interaction is a crucial ingredient for academic success.


Enhance the conversations that your class can have with RecoMedia. Here’s how it can help you:


Better understanding

It’s not easy learning new things, but you can help your students grasp concepts better and faster through the use of visual aids. RecoMedia gives you the flexibility of doing so from any of your digital devices during lesson time. You can explain complex mathematical ideas or analyse and solve IT programming issues step-by-step on the big screen with just your smartphone or tablet. To further enhance your teaching, other multimedia content such as videos or slideshows can be used too. Students can also save lesson content straight onto their own personal devices, helping them to recall what they’ve learned later on.


Interactive involvement

Instead of allowing your students to be passive classroom listeners, give them the chance to speak up. RecoMedia lets you to set up an impromptu presentation session. Switching between teacher and student interaction is made simple due to RecoMedia’s wireless connectivity. With Moderator Mode, you can manage multiple presentations with minimal interruptions in between. This is especially useful for classes like art and design, where it is crucial for students to share their creations and get frequent feedback from their peers and teachers.


Greater participation

Your students will now not only have more chances to participate actively in the classroom, but they will also possess a more creative platform for doing so. RecoMedia provides them with the ability to use multimedia content to communicate their ideas. Once a student has RecoMedia software installed on his/her personal device, he/she can join in a class discussion anytime and share materials easily with their peers. Meanwhile, they will also get to hone their public speaking skills, an ability which will serve them well beyond their academic years.


Higher motivation

When you use RecoMedia as one of your teaching tools, you will nurture students who participate actively during class and are able to communicate their ideas more confidently. Consequently, this will cause them to be more motivated to learn and make your role as an educator a much simpler one. In the long run, it is likely that you will see these highly motivated students performing better in their exams and other routine assessments.


Simple setup

Technical know-how isn’t necessary at all when it comes to getting RecoMedia up and running. It’s a quick and easy process that takes only minutes to put in place. You won’t have to waste precious time in class that could be better spent concentrating on your lesson and connecting with your students. 

Here is some examples of RecoMedia for education


Learning tends to be deepest and most effective with interaction and guidance particularly when using the content and tools associated with digital technologies together with learning spaces.

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